smoking aarhus

i want this on a t-shirt

Magdalena Korpas
cbb planner 2014 grid

“For objects and the infinite – like or after a Katarzyna Kobro exhibition design (retitled and changed display)”, 2011 by Lasse Schmidt Hansen. Glass, wood, paint.

saturn0lunar, 2014 on tumblr

oh my god i was with my friend at some dudes house last night and they kept bringing up “bitches” theyve fucked and they were just SO disrespectful towards girls and im just like. im a girl. im right here. stop talking shit. das me sisters. can u stop. stop.

Detail of Rochefort’s Escape, by Édouard Manet.

Jenny Holzer, part of her Truisms series.

Nudes fee 19, 2001 (two details)
Chromogenic print mounted on Plexiglas in artist’s wood frame.