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oh god lana 


Lykke Li — No Rest For The Wicked (Remix) ft. A$AP Rocky


i am really the most pessimistic person ever

remember when i got notes for this kind of shit


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This whole picture is questionable I am questionable

"masturbation? I prefer the term “ménage à moi”."

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The Pool and London Bridge at Night, 1884, John Atkinson Grimshaw

save a homie i want a cool url does anyone have something saved?

Anonymous: what are your beliefs? (vague question i know, but anything from religion to how the universe was created to our purpose)


omfg this is gonna take a bit.

ok so basically when we die, we have to relive out entire life again. (so rn u could b dead but not even b aware of it) and depending on the kind of life u lead u either experience heaven (good memories) or hell (bad memories). and then u r reborn. BUT u r reborn as anyone at any time as long as u r of the same consciousness level. so like u cant b reborn as a lizard, bc uve already transcended that. also there is only one soul experiencing everything one life at a time. so everything u say and do to others ur really saying and doing to urself, u just haven’t lived that life yet or u already have who knows. as far as the universe goes, once u have lived every tangible experience (from amoeba to even more intelligent and self aware aliens) in that universe, u move onto a more complex one. and that cycle keeps repeating over and over till u reach nirvana. idk what nirvana is but i bet its dope as hell.

that is my religion.

Joanna Liczko
'Octopy', 2011.

Reda Bousksou